The first tier of the Master Peace Sudan program is the Peace Maker program. The Peace Maker program will provide education in conflict styles, conflict coaching and problem solving strategies such as mediation, conflict resolution, and community dialogue strategies. The second tier initiatives will introduce peace building by exploring economic partnerships, community garden projects, emergency medical training (such as EMT and CPR training) and teacher education. The Master Peace community center will be used to celebrate community peace building projects through the arts, sports and cultural activities, and the Southern Sudan Story Project as well. The third tier of the Master Peace International is the Master Peace Ambassador project which will provide opportunities for students and community members to share their successes, their peace building skills, their emergency medical training and their education and agricultural projects with regional and global communities through presentations, film, and training/education programs.

Master Peace International

A new school in South Sudan – which has an Master Peace International program.

Includes conflict resolution and transformation training, conflict coaching, mediation skill building and an introduction to dialogue methods as well as classroom/community meetings using the Master Peace book.

Tier II- The Peace Builder Program

Includes education and exploration of projects that increase economic and environmental sustainability, enhance community health, and enhance inter-tribal communication and understanding.

Tier II- Southern Sudan Story Project

Involves gathering stories and engaging community members in the peace building strategies known as Envisioning and Appreciative Inquiry dialogue and the WE3 (the Women’s Empowerment, Education & Equality) dialogue project Envisioning and Appreciative Inquiry techniques will be employed to help community members work together to increase understanding between tribes, empower women and create a vision and goals for a peaceful, strong, and prosperous future for Southern Sudan. Following the envisioning process, community members will work together across tribal lines and with their international partners to create plans moving them toward shared goals.

Tier III- Peace Ambassador Project

Includes establishing opportunities for community members to share their strategies for successful peacemaking and peace building projects (from tier I & II) as well as their stories with the wider community.


2012 Report from Master Peace International-South Sudan
Community Celebration

A community celebration and meeting – the day the Master Peace International program was introduced.

The South Sudan Master Peace International program has been  developed a program to help the schools and communities build a new peace initiative. The goal of the program is the promotion of positive social change for individuals and communities – thereby reducing tribal violence and restoring a sense of community and  a sense of compassion.  By providing a conflict resolution program and by promoting an atmosphere of mutual respect, the next generation of South Sudanese will live in a more stable and peaceful environment.

After years of work, in 2011 South Sudan Master Peace International/Jim Thompson delivered the Heydenberks’ MasterPeace curriculum for the South Sudanese students to help them gain knowledge of peace strategies, conflict resolution, and reconciliation, The education and skills provided will help the next generation will be better prepared to analyze their current social issues and be better prepared to handle their conflicts in a more peaceful way.

On December, 2011, Jim Thompson from Nebraska traveled to South Sudan with the Master Peace curriculum manuals and met with the program coordinator Deng Akoy Thuch in Juba, South Sudan. During this period a recruitment process was initiated which was aimed at communities and schools that were identified as good candidates for this program.   It was determined that a schedule to introduce this curriculum into the schools should began in Twic East County of Jonglei State.  On December 27, 2011, the directors of the South Sudan Master Peace program introduced the curriculum manuals to about 900 students from first grade to eighth grade in Pongborong Primary School in Nyuak Payam.  More than 300 individuals, including community chiefs, pastors, elders and students attended the openings of the program.  On January 5, 2011, a second introduction was conducted in Dong Primary School in Lith Payam, which was attended by 150 students, elders, chiefs, and pastors who witnessed and welcomed the new program.   Many cultural speeches on the promotion of peace were delivered in front of the gathered assembly.  The ceremonies were opened by prayer and followed by different individuals speaking about social issues and the commitment that is necessary  to promote a peace program in the schools.  The South Sudan Master Peace coordinator reported that, “ the goat was slaughtered” in Pongborong and Dong Primaries Schools and the people believe that the spirit of the departed animal will mark a  new beginning in the call for peace in the new nation. The students, elders, women, and pastors want to see the next generation grow up in a more peaceful environment. The students were impressed and welcomed the new program into their school with the hope that it may provide an opportunity for them to set a more democratic method of talking about social issue in their schools, communities, tribes and the new nation of South Sudan.

The Master Peace coordinators have successfully recruited four teachers in Twic East County, Jonglei State. Two teachers from Dong Primary School, one teacher from Pongborong Primary School and one teacher from Wangulei Primary School and four other registered members from the communities including women and pastors of the  church.  On January 14, 2012, the program workshop was conducted in Pongborong Primary School.  All Master Peace members from South Sudan attended the workshop in order to practice the peace curriculum before school started. The following individuals were recruited as South Sudan Master Peace members in South Sudan:

Watching Cattle

The traditional pastime of young Dinka men – watching cattle.

1.    Deng Akoy Thuch-Master Peace coordinator

2.    Mabil Bul Mabil-Master Peace teacher

3.    Adhieu Ador Akol-Master Peace member

4.    Deng Chol Bior-Master Peace teacher

5.    Akuac Ajang Riak-Master Peace member

6.    Aleu Garang Aleu-Master Peace teacher

7.    Kamic Deng Kamic-Master Peace member

The current goals of the South Sudan Master peace program are to recruit peacemakers, peace builders, and peace ambassadors. These committees will act as tribal peace counselors, and advocates for peaceful resolution of differences. It is the objective of the South Sudan Master Peace program to help students and communities create a peaceful method of conflict resolution and to improve the competency and understanding of the population which will enable future generations of South Sudanese people to unite and work together towards peaceful social change. The program will continue to recruit more schools, more teachers, and more members from the communities as long as resources permit.